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Bluesnap Is Your Payment Processing Answer

If you want to process payments from a number of different sources and offer your customers an easy way to pay while still keeping your paperwork in order, Bluesnap is the answer to your needs. A company that knows you need your books in an easy to read format, but you also need to make everything as simple as possible for your customers. Their dual-focused approach makes them easier to use than most of their competitors, while still offering just as many options for you and your customers, making everyone happy.

Bluesnap isn’t talked about as much as some of the other companies, but they mostly rely upon word of mouth advertising and try their hardest to make sure that all of their customers are happy. They don’t need to be flashy or try to convince you that they are the best, they just lay out their offerings, real testimonials, and years of experience and let you decide. It’s refreshing in a way because you don’t feel pressured, instead you feel like you are doing something good for yourself and the people around you.


They accept all of the major cards and payment types, consolidating everything together into simple deposits that work for you. Customizable options for things like tips, tax, and even labeling incoming transactions makes it easy for you come tax time, hiring time, or any other time that you need to consult your books. They believe that your payment processor should work for you and be as unique as your business.

Overall, if you want a company that is sure to impress and that will meet all your needs, you owe it to yourself to at least check them out. With industry leading standards, a huge network of payments, and everything else that you could, you might regret not giving them a chance.