The IDX Broker Platinum Plan Can Maximize Your Business Potential

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The real estate business is all about delivering the best customer service to your clients who want to buy or sell property. The multiple listing service has been the foundation for realtors in terms of finding the best properties that fit their clients needs. It used to be a tool that was only reserved for real estate professionals. However, the internet has expanded the field to enable would-be homebuyers to tap into this valuable resource. What it means to you is that by integrating this tool into your business website, you can generate more leads and gain a bigger potential of converting these leads into your clients. The tool from the IDX Broker Platinum plan places you ahead of your competition.

IDX Broker Platinum

The Platinum plan offers additional features that can improve your client’s experience. When your website visitor uses this tool, he can use a map feature to create a shape around the area that he wishes to search. This is very helpful to the prospective client because it narrows the scope to exactly where he wants his property to reside. The search tool is also integrated with popular social media. Your visitor can get updates on properties and save searches by using his Facebook and Google accounts. You can see the latest activities of your leads so you can customize the service you plan to offer. You can add the map search widget to any one of your website pages that you host. This adds more value to your website as it encourages your leads to engage more and improve the likelihood of the lead converting into a client.

As mentioned earlier, the key to a successful real estate business is by offering clients the best customer service possible. The IDX Broker Platinum tool puts you ahead of the game in adding an valuable tool that your potential clients can use.