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What Do Joinery Newcastle Services Do For You?

The Joinery Newcastle professionals are artists and tradesmen who craft items by joining small pieces of timber, especially lighter and ornamental items than which a typical carpenter can build, such as furniture and the fittings of a home, boat, or kitchen. The term joinery is sometimes used in association with carpentry to describe the joining of two pieces of timber together with a fastener, such as nails or glue. Many forms of joinery have developed over the years and there are many kinds of joinery. Joinery is used not only in furniture making but also for the manufacture of doors and window frames, table legs, cabinet toppings, cartons and boxes, stretchers, shelves, etc.

Joinery Newcastle

In the early days of joinery, one piece of wood was considered good enough for a joinery project and was called a mortise. The mortise was created by cutting out a small sloping cut out in the wood and using a chisel to fit it into the cut. This was often done by hand with perfect precision since a mistake in cutting the mortise could ruin the entire project and you were left with nothing but an empty hole in your wood.

There are two basic types of joinery Newcastle services: tongue-and-groove joinery and cross-brace joinery. The type you choose will depend on the type of projects you are undertaking and your skills. Many people like to make their own joinery, but there are also many ready-made products that can be purchased from your local DIY store or supermarket. Still, if you want the best possible quality, often guaranteed with a warranty, then using a professional joinery service in Newcastle is the way to go.

Skilled and trained professionals have the expertise, supplies, and tools to finish projects with precision and speed. Hiring them can be cheaper than the time and tools it would take you to do things on your own.